Andrew Barton London Education is a unique programme of benefits provided to a college. Lecturers use this to enhance the learning curriculum for students, and the ABLE programme fits perfectly in line with the advanced and creative hair professional apprentice standards.

Participating institutions have access to a bi-monthly video tutorial linked to the standards and qualifications at Level 2 and 3 learning. Presented over 24 months the tutorials, designed and presented by Andrew, immerse students in his both signature hairdressing style and the wider skills required to be successfully ‘salon ready’.

A lecturer’s guide and handouts accompany each video, providing tutors support on how to execute the video and how to gain the most out of the student learning experience.

ABLE supports institutions in preparing for the mandatory increase of work placement by building relationships with industry in line with the introduction of 2021 T Levels.

ABLE students studying an apprenticeship programme will cover the vast majority of the mandatory 20% off the job training required to achieve their apprenticeship.

Annually ABLE students and staff attend a unique bespoke and aspirational day out of college, hosted by Andrew designed to inspire creativity and expand on the students’ knowledge. Plus, he attends the college for a showcase of education / competition / promotion / awards, designed in collaboration with the college.

ABLE supports and encourages students to develop a portfolio of their work. In line with the new Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional apprenticeship standard, students can use their portfolio as evidence towards their final presentation and professional discussion as part of their EPA.

ABLE provides stronger links between college and industry specialists which leads to an increase in good working relationships and further opportunities for work placements, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Institutions adopting the ABLE programme are seeing successful results in growth, with an increase of apprenticeships and salons that they work with both locally and across the wider area.

“An institution recorded a 33% increase in recruitment directly linked to the able programme academic year 18/19.”

Andrew Barton, Founder
Created by leading hairdresser, renowned industry educator and Mayfair salon owner Andrew Barton, the programme uses Andrew’s vast experience and knowledge to equip students with an industry level of skill set and abilities. With over three decades of hairdressing experience, Andrew is renowned as hairdressing royalty and holds a string of awards including British Hairdresser of The Year, British Hair Icon and Honorary Doctorate “Hon D Arts” for his services to the hairdressing industry.

One of the UK’s most celebrated hairdressing names, Andrew’s work graces global magazines from cover to editorial, TV campaign to print advertising and is on speed dial to the British beauty press for his hair authority.