ABLE is an award-winning, comprehensive, two-year scholarship, training programme for hairdressing students. Designed to run alongside the traditional hairdressing training qualification and created by acclaimed British Hairdresser, Andrew Barton and his team of further education training experts. The scholarship programme is exclusive to further education hairdressing departments.

ABLE is an opportunity for a hairdressing college to build on its reputation as a training provider locally and nationally and is in line with the national occupation standards.

ABLE inspires the learning process for the student in line with industry best practice and Andrew’s industry know how & experience.

ABLE provides the opportunity for a student to grow and to be salon ready on completion of the scholarship programme.

ABLE inspires students to build aspirational careers based on their learning throughout the ABLE scholarship programme.

ABLE training providers have experienced:
One institution reported a 33% increase in the number of apprentices enrolment as a direct result of the ABLE programme.

One institution reported an increase of 18% in the number of salons and employers working with them.

One institution noted a 12% increase in full time students following the marketing of the ABLE programme at their open events.

Andrew Barton, Founder
Created by leading hairdresser, renowned industry educator and Mayfair salon owner Andrew Barton, the programme uses Andrew’s vast experience and knowledge to equip students with an industry level of skill set and abilities. With over three decades of hairdressing experience, Andrew is renowned as hairdressing royalty and holds a string of awards including British Hairdresser of The Year, British Hair Icon and Honorary Doctorate “Hon D Arts” for his services to the hairdressing industry.

One of the UK’s most celebrated hairdressing names, Andrew’s work graces global magazines from cover to editorial, TV campaign to print advertising and is on speed dial to the British beauty press for his hair authority.